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Fusion is an end to end open-source product analytics platfrom a better alternative to Mixpanel & Amplitude. Fusion provides SDKs to send user interaction data from web/mobile apps & generates powerful analytics reports to help you undertand user behaviour and product usage.

These guides will help you setup, deploy and contribute to Fusion.


Why Fusion ?#

Product analytics tools like Mixpanel & Amplitude collect lot of user data. Given rise of data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA etc it doesn't make sense to send your user's data to third-party analytics services.

Big companies have managed to build interal analytics stack to address privacy issue but thats not possible for everyone as building analytics platfrom requires complex data pipelines, lots of engineering efforts and money. With hosted analytics platfroms you end up with huge SaaS bills as you scale.

Fusion solves all these problems by letting you host out of the box analytics suite, giving control over user data, improving privacy, costing 3x less than hosted analytics solution and does not require to build a platfrom from scratch.

Documentation structure#

User guides#

Contains all the features Fusion offers and guide of how to use them

Get started here - User guides


There are 2 ways of using Fusion:

  • Fusion Cloud
  • Self-Hosted

To evalaute Fusion we recommend using Fusion cloud, hosted and managed by us

Start using Fusion Cloud for free.

Do you want to self-host Fusion?

Check out our deployment page.

Contributing to Fusion#

We love open-source community

Check out our contributing docs for contribution guidelines and dev environment setup